There is no Party without Cocktails.

Based on the great success of the SHOTs system, EntertainM is proud to release a 3D NFT collection:

  • 6969 3D PFP NFT collection
  • Drink Cocktails, collect REWARDS and have fun
  • Unique Staking program - mBar
  • Refill system


Each NFT will have a rarity score. Based on it, the cocktail will be categorized as following:


[Supply: 3369]


[Supply: 2000]


[Supply: 1000]


[Supply: 500]


[Supply: 100]

COCKTAILS Tiers and Rewards

You can drink cocktails and gain cool rewards such as mAvatar wearables (NFTs), XP, Titles and mAvatar animations.

The more rare the cocktail you drink, the better the prizes you get!

There are 5 Cocktail Tiers, each coming with milestones and rewards:

  • Drink 20 Common Cocktails to complete the tier and be eligible for a FREE MINT Common Outfit NFT and get the FIRST TIME DRINKER Title.
  • Drink 15 Remarkable Cocktails to complete the tier and be eligible for a FREE MINT Remarkable Outfit NFT and get the SOCIAL DRINKER Title.
  • Drink 10 Rare Cocktails to complete the tier and be eligible for a FREE MINT Rare Outfit NFT and get the HAPPY HOUR HERO Title.
  • Drink 7 Epic Cocktails to complete the tier and be eligible for a FREE MINT Epic Outfit NFT and get the COCKTAIL CONNOISSEUR Title.
  • Drink 5 Legendary Cocktails to complete the tier and be eligible for a FREE MINT Legendary Outfit NFT and get the THE DRUNKARD LORD Title.
  • IMPORTANT: Your eligibility for a FREE MINT OUTFIT NFT relies on the other Cocktail Tiers! As shown below, pieces of the Outfit NFTs can be achieved in other Cocktail Tiers. Eligibility comes upon FULL Outfit completion.
  • You can drink each of the 6969 Cocktails only ONCE. Afterwards, you will be required to REFILL your cocktail if you wish to drink it again and gain rewards. Cocktails can be refilled at mBar.
  • Cocktail holders can stake their NFTs and add it to mBar (Cocktails Staking Program).

Common Tier

Remarkable Tier

Rare Tier

Epic Tier

Legendary Tier


Greetings clubbers and welcome to the mBAR. Here you will be able to choose the most amazing Cocktails from the MENU, drink them and gain rewards. mBAR is defined as a STAKING Program and only STAKED Cocktails can be found in the MENU.

Cocktail prices are defined in mBar’s MENU by rarity:

  • One Common Cocktail costs 0.005 ETH
  • One Remarkable Cocktail costs 0.007 ETH
  • One Rare Cocktail costs 0.01 ETH
  • One Epic Cocktail costs 0.015 ETH
  • One Legendary Cocktail costs 0.02 ETH

STAKE your Cocktail and earn Rewards:

  • You can stake your Cocktail NFT and list it in mBar’s MENU for FREE.
  • By listing the Cocktail in mBar’s MENU, other clubbers will be able to buy it and drink it to gain rewards.
  • Without actually selling the Cocktail NFT, you will receive 50% of the Cocktail price every time a clubber drinks your Cocktail from mBar’s Menu.
  • You can stake multiple cocktails in the same transaction and unstake at any given time.
  • ONLY mNightClub STAKERS can send their Cocktails to Staking and add them in mBar’s MENU.

Own a Cocktail? After you drink it, you can REFILL it using SHOTs and gain more rewards.

  • Refill your Common Cocktail for 20x SHOTs
  • Refill your Remarkable Cocktail for 40x SHOTs
  • Refill your Rare Cocktail for 60x SHOTs
  • Refill your Epic Cocktail for 80x SHOTs
  • Refill your Legendary Cocktail for 100x SHOTs


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